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 Yeah, I just rewatched VD 1x08. The episode in which Damon is a total dick with a 'diabolical master plan', Matt and Caroline sort of hit it off, subtle as it was, Stefan struggles with his moping self and Elena struggles as well, with the truth of what Stefan is and that is - 'vampire', still kind of a new word in her vocabulary. Lucky girl, then she only had vampires to wrap her head around.

  We enter the episode with a shot of Stefan dozing off while reading a book in the mansion. Something is disturbing his quiet evening indoors. Is it Damon screwing with him again? Nah, he's got other plans. It's Lexie paying a visit, Stefan's best friend from back in the day, as we soon find out. They catch up, they look beyond happy to see each other. She's arrived to cheer him up on his birthday. '162 Candles', the episode's title informs us. Are we to see Stefan smile? Whoa, it sure looks like it!
Semi-important stuff aside, Jeremy appears to have been abducted by aliens and replaced with a clone. All thanks to Damon's compulsion which took away Jeremy's sufferring as he explains it later to Elena at the Grill. So it looks like Jeremy, minus addictive personality, parental loss and acting out after a tragedy, can actually behave.
Back to Damon though. He vents his anger on Caroline by calling her 'shallow and useless and a waste of space'. Why? She can't provide him with the pendant that appears to be crucial to whatever Damon is planning. He can't take it himself so he tricks Caroline into getting it for him. Poor girl can't do much beyond verbal and more or less polite asking Bonnie to give it to her, right? Granted, she was shallow alright but to bring down an insecure girl like that? That was a low blow to say the least. Not Damon at his worst though.
My point being, so much has changed though so people who can't see past that (there still are people who can't) - haven't you been paying attention to character development at all?
 So in the said episode, Damon killed Lexie to provide a scapegoat for the vampire attacks to the city council and he even got his payback so that was a win-win for him at the time. I never thought it was great of him and Lexie was amazing. I think most fans of the show, even those who have been Damon stans from the beginning, can agree on that one thing. She was pretty spectacular. Smart, witty, bright. Fans would call her the ultimate Stelena shipper but how could she not? Being Stefan's friend, she wanted the best for him and Elena was key to his happiness at the time. She used to lighten Stefan up and what was more joyous to witness, right? But yeah, Damon the baddie of season 1A was just the character to screw things up majorly for Stefan. Remember, he promised him the eternity of sufferring after all. That was also the beginning of Liz entrusting council stuff to Damon but that was part of the plan. Sure, he used her, made her his bitch to call it for what it was. At the time. They also formed a true friendship later on and that one, the on-going one, isn't fake.
 Stefan, having seen Lexie staked by Damon to serve some diabolical agenda, rushes to end his brother once and for all. Even though he would have probably lost the fight, being of inferior supernatural skills compared to Damon's, if Elena hadn't talked him out of it. In this particular scene we also are let privy to another interesting Stefan's feature. While Elena is begging him not to kill Damon, he rushes into an assumption she wants to save his brother. He's wrong in his insecurity. We could say they have that in common, Caroline and him. Elena on the other hand, she wants to save him from becoming someone he'd later despise. He wallows in self-disgust and hatred for his brother. Can we blame  him for hating Damon in that moment? I think not. So Damon takes a beating at the mansion and his life is spared. Stefan leaves him on the floor with a stake in his abdominal.
The point of this is not only to present the events of each episode as they happened. I intend to pinpoint the moments of Damon's journey that shaped him into the man he died being. I'm walking down the memory lane to relive the progress the show provided us with as it comes to Damon, Elena, Stefan, Caroline and the rest.
 Let's talk from perspective some more then. We see in s5 finale how much has changed. A blind man could see because it's palpable. Lexie finds peace on the Other Side because she knows how much her best friend needs his brother by his side. That right there - putting friend's well-being before your own. She could have had her life back but she gave that up because she knew how much the brothers needed each other. She even saw past her own unpleasant experience with Damon whom she never liked, whom she thought pest and weed in Stefan's life. Understandably, he never let her see any other side of himself either.
See, in all its messy storytelling, this time TVD managed to actually deliver decently. It was a nice closure, the best one could have taking into account all ups and downs. It does look like she did it in vain now but here's to Damon coming back so.. bottoms up! ;)
10 October 2012 @ 12:27 am
I was just skimming through Ingmar Bergman's directional output and noticed he was married as many as FIVE times! Is it really that hard to find this one special who you spend your life with? No ons and offs, together no matter what, in health or in poorness, despite the world's bad will holding hands until the very end, strongly pushing through? I guess so. Is it fame that makes it thousand times harder? Looking at those tortured celebrities, struggling to actually stand their spouses' faces after 2 year long marriage, it'd appear so. Or, there's always a memory of Paul Newman and his lovely wife Joanne Woodward who were married for 50 years, loved each other insanely much and only death did them apart. That's an example I would like them all to set.

Two weeks into academic year and I haven't lost my cheerful mojo yet. Obviously, I miss having handfuls of time on my hands, as well as endless possibilities how to loaf around just waiting to be made use of.. but I'm dealing, quite effetively as I was just comforting my best friend into believing she can pull off her two faculties. With her ambition, she most likely will. She's a fighter, this one, she doesn't give up and she has never given up unlike me who decided to drop out when the situation was getting out of control. Oh, how I regret that once in a while. That's why taking up a second faculty (and it being my beloved History) come next Fall seems nothing but THE BEST IDEA I have ever had. Honest to God, I'm both terrified of the amount of studying there's to be done to actually get IN but also epically excited for what's to come if I pull this off. I believe I can, I'm strongly motivated and supported by my friends which lifts up my spirits and demands loads off me but to a good end.

Warsaw Film Festival starts this Friday. I purchased 9 tickets today, every single one looks amazing and worth the effort of being squeezed in between classes on week days. Gosh, was that hard to reconcile! Seriously, cinema enthusiasts should be given 14 days off uni for extra-curricular activites (EACH SEMESTER) such as attending film festivals which obviously can't ALL happen during summer vacations... 

I've been listening to 50 Shades of Grey/Darker/Freed soundtrack these past couple of days. Also saw an original record being sold in a music store. I've become kind of addicted but no regrets. This is a spectacular piece of music, TBH.
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30 September 2012 @ 11:02 pm
I'm drawn to "50 Shades of Grey". The majorly screwed-up fuckery of tragic Christian's life who whips women walking around them bare-chested and in 'special occasion Red Room' jeans. Is it an inevitable sign that I am destined to become a cat-loving old maid who will go bonkers soon and scare neighbours' children? Whatever. It's unbelievably hot and it's justified. A man broken can seek redemption if he's done wrong things for reasons blent-in as scars in his life. A woman can save him if she's willing to try, to go off record, to be there no matter what. I strongly believe in this truth.

Brought to you by this
Laters, baby. xx
30 September 2012 @ 12:24 am
If I fall off a mountain one day, will you get there to scatter my ashes from the top? Please do. If I'm to live forever, my only wish is to guide lost trekkers home. Engrave a little something on the rock by The Black Gąsinicowy Pond and let it fade away as the years go by, lives wither away with them but the mountains will go on until the very end of universe. If I'm to be beaten, only the mountains can have me. 
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06 July 2012 @ 04:35 pm
She is still alive, doing well, might I add. ;) Not that I expect any significant number of people to start banging at this door because hardly anyone reads it anymore but YEAH! I did survive summer exam session, have no re-takes in Septermber, I'm currently feeling like a superior kind of awesome genius in a process of floving the greatest time of the world called "summer vacations"! ;)

I do have a confession to make, however. There was a breakthrough in my fangirl-y life and I may have completely lost it in the middle of April, or may have not.. hah. I got curious, asked a question, Tumblr was involved, too. I still don't quite know how to call it. But, are you familiar with this unexpected feeling when, in a spur-of-the-moment, you realize an utterly silly thing that shouldn't interest you anymore, kind of DOES? I blame it on the fact I have never been through a boy-band phase when I was younger, at school and entitled to be act unpredictably silly.. Haha. 

Anyways. Swag Masta from Doncasta is my ultimate SASS king! (remember when I hated the word "sassy"? Those times are forever over. I am cured.)


And to the haters we say...
*wink wink* 


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