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10 October 2012 @ 12:27 am
This façade becomes you.  
I was just skimming through Ingmar Bergman's directional output and noticed he was married as many as FIVE times! Is it really that hard to find this one special who you spend your life with? No ons and offs, together no matter what, in health or in poorness, despite the world's bad will holding hands until the very end, strongly pushing through? I guess so. Is it fame that makes it thousand times harder? Looking at those tortured celebrities, struggling to actually stand their spouses' faces after 2 year long marriage, it'd appear so. Or, there's always a memory of Paul Newman and his lovely wife Joanne Woodward who were married for 50 years, loved each other insanely much and only death did them apart. That's an example I would like them all to set.

Two weeks into academic year and I haven't lost my cheerful mojo yet. Obviously, I miss having handfuls of time on my hands, as well as endless possibilities how to loaf around just waiting to be made use of.. but I'm dealing, quite effetively as I was just comforting my best friend into believing she can pull off her two faculties. With her ambition, she most likely will. She's a fighter, this one, she doesn't give up and she has never given up unlike me who decided to drop out when the situation was getting out of control. Oh, how I regret that once in a while. That's why taking up a second faculty (and it being my beloved History) come next Fall seems nothing but THE BEST IDEA I have ever had. Honest to God, I'm both terrified of the amount of studying there's to be done to actually get IN but also epically excited for what's to come if I pull this off. I believe I can, I'm strongly motivated and supported by my friends which lifts up my spirits and demands loads off me but to a good end.

Warsaw Film Festival starts this Friday. I purchased 9 tickets today, every single one looks amazing and worth the effort of being squeezed in between classes on week days. Gosh, was that hard to reconcile! Seriously, cinema enthusiasts should be given 14 days off uni for extra-curricular activites (EACH SEMESTER) such as attending film festivals which obviously can't ALL happen during summer vacations... 

I've been listening to 50 Shades of Grey/Darker/Freed soundtrack these past couple of days. Also saw an original record being sold in a music store. I've become kind of addicted but no regrets. This is a spectacular piece of music, TBH.
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Current Music: Snow Patrol - The Lightning Strike